CAF Moving Headquarters To Larger City

CAF Moving Headquarters To Larger City

The Commemorative Air Force Museum announced that they will be relocating their headquarters to a larger city. Jenne Anderson Reports.
MIDLAND-- A couple of years ago, Fifi, the only flying b-29 aircraft, left the basin to go to a new home in the metroplex.

Now, a much bigger part of the Commemorative Air Force Museum in midland is flying away.

"The CAF headquarters is looking to relocate to a larger population area of about a million people," said CAF Director, Autumn Vest.

The organization's headquarters have been in Midland since 1991, and even though they'll be handing over the title to a bigger city, Vest says we won't see any negative changes here in the Permian Basin.

"What that means for Midland and Odessa is not much change at all," explained Vest. "The CAF Airpower Museum, which has operated here since 1991, will continue to do so. Also, Air show will also continue the second weekend of October each year."

But Representative Tom Craddick doesn't seem too optimistic.

"I am disappointed by the decision of the CAF to move its headquarters from Midland. Both Midland and Odessa have embraced the CAF and worked diligently to provide community and financial support for many years.  If they do indeed move their headquarters, I will work to ensure that the funding I have obtained for purposes of the Museum is used only to support the Midland facility and to ensure that the CAF lives up to the terms of the agreement regarding the Transportation Enhancement dollars that were used to construct the Commemorative Center as the home of the only flying B-29."

The CAF tells us they haven't had the chance to speak with Craddick, but feel that he'll be on board once he's brought up to speed.

 "This is not a detriment to his community," said Vest. "This is actually going to be an opportunity for us to point people at different pieces of the CAF."

Vest tells us that 10 of their employees will most likely be relocated to the new headquarters.

Meanwhile the rest of the Museum and all of the special events that come with it will stay right here.

We also reached out to the city of Midland to see how they feel about the change and they issued this statement:

"The CAF's intention to move its headquarters brought questions to light regarding the possible impact of the B-29's absence on our terms of funding from the Texas Department of Transportation for the World War II hangar that was built with the purpose of housing the aircraft. Anytime we receive federal or state funding with a third party beneficiary, we look to that third party to remedy any situation of their doing that may cause compliance issues under the agreement. We have expressed a willingness to consider CAF's request to move its headquarters and plan to discuss possible outcomes at a future City Council meeting."

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