Breast Cancer Awareness In The Permian Basin

Breast Cancer Awareness In The Permian Basin

People who don’t even know each other have united Across the Permian Basin for one cause


People who don’t even know each other have united across the Permian Basin for one cause, to show their support for Breast Cancer awareness this October.  

“My mother actually died from breast cancer, she was the type that ignored it, and I think the only way to survive breast cancer is early detection,” said Odessa resident Britton Saavedra

Betsy Triplett-Hurt is on the front lines fighting breast cancer, she is a part of the Basin’s Breast Cancer Coalition that is hosting its annual “Pink In The Park” fundraiser this Sunday at 3pm at Freedom Park in Odessa and Windland Park in Midland. This fundraiser gives you an opportunity to dedicate flags in honor or memory of a loved one, with proceeds benefiting Pink The Basin and Gifts of Hope.

“It’s just a time to say way to go girl for surviving, and way to family members for giving them the support and the love you need from something like this.” said Betsy Triplett-Hurt.

Betsy’s mother passed away from breast cancer, and her sister was diagnosed as well, but today was a special day for Betsy’s sister’s fight against breast cancer.

“And today was pronounced cured, thank God,” said Betsy Triplett-Hurt.

Other members of the community were also vocal in their support for people battling breast cancer.

“We should there to help them and support them in the ways that we can because you never know when it can come to being you someday and you might need that support, so we should be there for one another,” said Odessa resident Susie Venzor.

“We should not just in October, but all year round support the ones that have lost loved ones,” said Odessa resident Crystal Rodriguez

Some Local businesses say they were eager to support breast cancer awareness month too.

“Oh yeah at our salon we sell everything pink, pink extensions, and a lot of the money goes toward breast cancer,” said Britton Saavedra

The Curves on John Ben Shepperd pkwy in Odessa is showing their support in a unique way, Curves owner Nancy Clark says one of their member’s granddaughters lost her job due to breast cancer, so she started a program that raises money to help support Brandy. She also says exercise helps prevent breast cancer.

“14% reduction if you exercise so were trying to get everyone to come exercise and prevent cancer if we can,” said Nancy Clark

Everyone one I spoke to said routinely checking for breast cancer is important and early detection is the critical in beating it.

“It’s very important you have your yearly exams and check for lumps and stay on top of it, so you can be around for future generations. “ said Odessa resident Debbie Cedillo.

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