Book Returned To Library After 50 Years

Book Returned To Library After 50 Years

An anonymous woman returns a book that was 50 years overdue to the Midland County Public Library.
MIDLAND -- It's a mystery of a mystery.

In 1960, a 10-year old young girl came home from school to find that her mother packed away her library book, Nancy Drew: The Clue of the Black Keys.

After half a century, that book made its way back home to the Midland County Public Library.

"Now the mystery of nancy drew is, who sent it?" said John Trischitti III, the Midland County Public Library Director. "We'd love to say thank you."

Over 50 years later, the anonymous woman was cleaning out her mother's old home when she found the book packed in a box. Instead of tossing it, she sent the book right where it came from and attached a note apologizing for keeping it so long.

"She's obviously a library person, or she wouldn't have given it the thought to take the work to look us up and drop it in the mail," Trischitti said.

The library staff was shocked to receive such a return.

"Fifty years is a long time for a book to be checked out," he said

The woman left no name and no return address. The only clue is a postmark from Texico, New Mexico.

If she accumulated the fine over the years, it would come out to a whopping $1,606.30.

"Of course we have a cap, but it was fun to figure out how much she would owe in fines of over fifty years," Trischitti said.

The library still has two copies of the book title, but doesn't plan on putting the returned one back on the shelf.

"It's in good shape for being 50 or 60 years old," Trischitti said. "Now, it's more sentimental."
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