Boise State Snub Helps BCS Antitrust Suit

Boise State Snub Helps BCS Antitrust Suit

The federal antitrust lawsuit against the BCS received added weight with Boise State's bowl game snub.
   Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff expects to file a federal antitrust suit against the BCS next month, and he says Boise State's bowl game snub adds a lot of weight to the planned lawsuit.

   Boise State finished the regular season with one loss and a top ten ranking but they weren't invited to any of the lucrative BCS bowls.

   The Orange Bowl and Sugar Bowl will match four teams with worse records and lower rankings than Boise State.

   The Broncos routed Arizona State in the Maaco Bowl and collected one-point-one million dollars for the Mountain West Conference.

   Each of the Orange Bowl teams will pick up more than 22-million dollars and the Sugar Bowl teams will each be paid more than six-million.

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