Animal Abuse in Midland

Animal Abuse in Midland

Two animals stuffed head first into a cattle feed bag, and thrown off the side of the road on West County Road 140.
MIDLAND -- "The Sheriff's Department told me they see this more often that you could imagine," said Kelsey Kuhrt, Vice President of West Texas Diamonds in the Ruff.

Two animals stuffed head first into a cattle feed bag, and thrown off the side of the road on West County Road 140.

Some people claiming they're bait dogs, other people claiming someone couldn't take care of them and they were shot. Either way, whatever the reason it's disgusting," said Beth Clodfelter, shelter manager for Lone Star Sanctuary for Animals.

According to Kelsey Kuhrt, they believe the animals stuffed in the cattle feed bags are the bodies of a dog and a goat.

"The Sheriff's Department says you know, oh this happens all the time, dogs attack livestock the dogs get shot, well what's to say you know, it wasn't something else, somebody's stolen pet, or somebody's lost pet that gets out and ends up in the wrong hands," Kuhrt said.

Which is why Kuhrt wants an investigation.

She says there have been several cases of people stealing dogs..using them for reasons such as breeding or fighting, and when they're done with them, they're shot or left to die.

"We drive by houses all the time and see dogs with no food, no water, no shelter and it's very difficult for us, because we don't have any legal authority to do something," said Clodfelter.

Which is when animal control services is brought in to asses the problem.

"It seems like it's becoming an increasing problem in Midland," Clodfelter added.

A problem where animal control was called out to this home after this photo was shared on a Facebook page.

Pitbull puppies crammed in a crate that we were anonymously told by a viewer, have been out in that shed for several days now.

"Tossing a dog outside with no food, no water, no shade, is abuse and it is neglect, and there's no laws right now that really prohibit people from doign that," Clodfelter said.

What both Kuhrt and Clodfelter want people to understand is that if the problem of pets getting shot or stolen is going to end, people need to stand together and speak to the city council.

One thing Clodfelter said needs to happen is that laws against this type of animal abuse need to be made and for people to face repercussions against these types of actions.

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