Andrews Residents React to The Legalization of The Sale of Alcohol

Andrews Residents React to The Legalization of The Sale of Alcohol

The legalization of the sale of alcohol in Andrews, leaves some families divided.

Both propositions about the sale of alcohol passed in Andrews last night. meaning restraunts, grocery and convenice stores will be able to sell alcohol.

The issue has been on the ballot in andrews several times, but every time voters rejected the legalization of the sale of alcohol, until tuesday night.

"I think we will see a bigger moral devaluation of our families," said Andrews resident, Eddie Contreras.

Eddie Contreras said he was disappointed in the election's results, but his cousin who owns a restaurant just a few feet from his house, was happy the propositions passed, and so were his customers.

"Business will start booming like stripes, beer sales and all that, it;s going to be good for our community," said an Andrews resident, Raul Pando.

"If you can get here in town you dont have to go on the 385 to have to go  over there to get it, theres lot of accidents on that road and oil field traffic too," said an Andrews resident, 

"I think its a good thing, its about time we had some different changes in town and give the people a choice, if they want to drink a beer, drink a beer, just dont drink and drive, drink responsibly," said Andrews resident,  Chris Luna.

Eddie says he's still happy to call Andrews home, but now when he goes out, he'll be more selective of where he shops and eats.

We'll just pick and choose where we go, and try to find places where it's family oreinted, so kids aren't around the liquor.

Before alcohol can be sold in Andrews the election results have to be certified, then businesses will have to apply for their needed TABC licenses and permits. After the tabc applications are filed each business will have to place two consecutive notices in the Andrew's paper.

Restaurants have to take one additional step by putting up a sign for 60 days announcing they will be selling  alcohol at the at the end of the 60 day period.
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