Airport Lands Attract Development Of All Kinds

Airport Lands Attract Development Of All Kinds

A new business park near the airport could begin construction within the next month
MIDLAND -- The plot of land next to the airport at the corner of Wright and Sloan Field may not look like much, but Avera Development hopes to have it looking more like a construction site within the next month.

This is the eventual site of the first phase of the Bombardier Business Park and according to Airports Director Marv Esterly, this is coveted ground.

"Airports all over the country attract different types of business just around the area because of the airport environments," Esterly said.

Esterly says most of the companies that sign up to build on local airport lands are oil companies and a lot of those people enjoy the convenient location of the airport.

"Companies that want to locate between Midland and Odessa, they have business in either town so it makes sense to be located between the two cities," Esterly continued.

As for the Bombardier Park, the development company is starting with a 12,000 sq.ft. warehouse/office complex at the corner of Wright and Sloan Field near the post office, but they have aspirations of expanding up to 90 acres and they believe there is a need for retail and commercial development as well.

Esterly says this business park should fit right into the area, as long as they follow a few guidelines.

He says as long as the buildings don't exceed a certain height, they will be fine but he doesn't suspect there will be problems there.

As for the airport itself, some may wonder if it will grow in the future, and Esterly says there is a growth plan in place.

"We currently protect the airspace for those plans, those future plans and we work with the land around the airport to implement those future plans," Esterly said.

The developers we spoke with didn't have a definite time table on when they want to have this project completed, but did say they want to start construction on the first phase of this project within the month.

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