Abused Dog Finds a Home

Abused Dog Finds a Home

This basset hound looks friendly; his name is Franklin.
MIDLAND -- This basset hound looks friendly; his name is Franklin.

He enjoys being around people, but he bears some scars.

"I took him to the vet, get him vet checked, get his shots and she confirmed what I already thought," said Teresa Tuttle, owner of Dogs n Action.  

Franklin's previous owner had wrapped bailing wire around his snout, for what Tuttle thinks to keep him from barking.

Tuttle found him outside her gate one evening, leading her to believe he was dumped.

"We've always had a lot of animals being dumped and just because of irresponsibility of pet owners I guess," said N. "Steg" Stegall. executive director for the Midland Humane Coalition.

Stegall says it's probably because pet owners believe their pets will be euthanized if they are brought to a shelter.

But she says that's not the case.

"Because we are now working with animal control and we try to bring over animals from the shelter that are adoptable they have a much better chance now than they did two years ago since we opened," Stegall said.

In addition to that, Tuttle says people don't do research on the breed of the animal before they adopt, causing them to quickly get rid of them.

"Understand what you're getting. This dog is vocal. It's known to be vocal and so are beagles. You don't want a noisy dog, these are not the dogs for you. Don't do this, thinking you're gonna fix it. Seek a professional to help you," said Tuttle.

And Tuttle says all it takes is a little bit of time.

"All he needed was to be with his family. He's not a dog you can put in the backyard and leave. He will drive you and the neighbors insane. He's loud, he's noisy and he's obnoxious but when he's with his family he's quiet, he's loving and he's sweet," Tuttle said.

Another thing Tuttle wants people to understand is that dogs are not born knowing how to properly behave at a home.

She says just like children, they need to be taught.

Franklin has been with the Tuttle family for a little over a week now and has been adopted by Tuttle's son.

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