2013 Oilfield A-List: Rosalind R. Grover

2013 Oilfield A-List: Rosalind R. Grover

A woman who proves running a successful oil company is not just a man's job
Midland -- Rosalind Redfern Grover is a woman of many talents.

"She's an all around dynamo," said Midland oilman Teddy Collins.
Not only is she respected for the countless efforts she's made in her community, and she's also well respected for her role in the oil industry.

It's an industry she's says she been in for a lifetime. Growing up in Midland, she recalls the days of going out into the oilfields with her father.

"You'd see these flares going up like candles on a birthday cake. It was wonderful," described Grover.
If she could have blown those flares out and wished for a successful career, it would've come true.

As a leading lady in an industry that's long been dominated by men, she says, "It's not uncommon for me to be at meetings with twenty men and one woman. That does happen, and I realize we need more women. Women can bring a different perspective."
But she has no complaints about her male peers. In fact, she said they bring a wonderful perspective of their own.  She is, however, excited to see more women breaking into the industry...slowly, but surely.

"It does take time as a culture. We are not used to seeing women in these roles. That is a hard tradition to break. I understand that, but slowly but surely we are making our way to the table with a seat," she said.
One of those seats belongs to her own daughter who has been Grover's partner for 25 years. "I'm trying to ease myself out and get her to take over, so that's where we're headed," she explained.
From successful career woman to successful philanthropist, a trait she says she got from her parents. Her efforts made in the community have always been tremendous, but she said the pinnacle was the campaign she led to raise money for hospital.  It was an effort that exceed all expectations.

"In Midland, we had never raised $10 million for anything before this campaign. We were going to raise $60 (million), so it was a gargantuan endeavor...more than anyone even thought was possible. So you go get the best person available," said Russell Myers, president of Midland Memorial Hospital.
For Myers, Grover was that person. "I'm sure we would have had some success with another leader, but I can't imagine it being as successful with anybody else," said Myers. "She's got such a unique talent."
A street bearing Grover's name now serves as a permanent reminder of her efforts. Grover says they were efforts she was called to do.

"All of the years that I raised money for all those institutions and my experience running a company came together and drafted that plan," she said.
She's a mother and grandmother. She's a successful business woman.  She's a philanthropist.  She's an inspiration. She's a woman who makes one think...maybe you can have it all or at least give it your all. The results are sure to follow.

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