$158 Million Bond Election Decision Delayed

$158 Million Bond Election Decision Delayed

After months of discussion over a $158 million bond proposal, MISD board members are closer to a decision.
MIDLAND -- After months of discussion over a $158 million bond proposal, MISD board members are closer to a decision.
The bond is meant to to improve elementary schools throughout the district, but there was concern that a May election was too soon.

Superintendent Ryder Warren proposed an improvement initiative for the district to tackle enrollment, maintenance, and technology issues.
A bond issue.

But since that announcement, it wasn't clear if the bond should go before voters in May or November. After further discussion by board members Monday night, May is out of the question.

"We need complete transparency," said Jay Isaacs, MISD School Board President. "We need this community to understand what it is that they're approving and what the ticket price is. And have a firm understanding that it is the true wants and needs of this school district."

Here's the cost break down:

The 29 projects includes $72 million for work on 21 elementary schools, $45 million for two new elementary campuses, $33 million for specialized campuses, and $7million for an update in district level technology.

All of it, meant to help the district handle their skyrocketing enrollment.

"We need to pass this immediately," Isaacs said. "If we could do it tomorrow, we would need to do just that because of the overcrowding going on in our elementary schools."

Superintendent Warren said a November election allows for maximum voters, more opportunities to communicate with the public, and for school architect firms to confirm numbers.

"Everything right now can be justified," Warren said. "I think this will allow us to do even more due diligence of true needs and wants to the school district."

The next step is picking the architect after spring break. In July or August, the election will be officially called.

"We want to make sure the community is informed about this bond proposal before we ever even call an election," Isaacs said.
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