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West Texas Food Bank Teams Up With Local Monster Trucks

Monster trucks will be on display at the two Midland Walmarts all weekend in hopes to collect 2,500 pounds of food.
The West Texas Food bank is partnering with local food truck owners in hopes of collecting 2,500 pounds of food.

To call attention to donors, the owners of Crash Masters Towing will have monster trucks on display all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday at both Midland Walmarts.

“We are trying to stomp out hunger here in West Texas,” said Amy Perry, owner of Crash Masters Towing. “There is a lot of hunger here even though we are in the oil boom.”

On average a monster truck motor weighs 2,500, which is how Perry and her husband came up with the amount of pounds they wanted to collect.

“That would feed 2,853 meals, it would come out to be if they raise the 2,500 pounds of food,” said Rosie Simmons, Volunteer Coordinator at the West Texas Food Bank.

Simmons said the donation would be extremely beneficial for the food bank, which helps feed people in 19 counties.

“It would help a lot of struggling families right now, the seniors, the children as well, it would help them, and it will go a long way,” Simmons said.

Midland resident Judy Hodges, who was attracted to the trucks, said the idea of partnering was beneficial to the children, who like the trucks, and to the needy.

“Well what a wonderful idea it is,” Hodges said. “I mean what kid doesn't love a truck and who doesn't love to eat? So you know you have the best of both worlds.”

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