Volunteer Fire Department Receives $30K Donation

Volunteer Fire Department Receives $30K Donation

he HCVFD received a generous donation that is helping them buy a new communications tower.
The Howard County Volunteer Fire Department received a $30,000 donation to replace their communications tower, which had collapsed in November.

Fire Chief Tommy Sullivan said the old tower provided service for the Sheriff’s Office, the Howard County Road and Bridge, emergency management and the Howard County Volunteer Firefighters.

“We need this tower just like a person needs air to breath,” Sullivan said. “Communication saves lives, if we cannot communicate my firefighters and citizens could actually die without good communication.”

To find a solution, Sullivan reached out to the Partee family, who was quick to agree to a donation.

“Volunteers of the Howard County Fire Department have been there for us so many times that it only made sense for us to be there for them,” Kristen Partee said.

Partee said she has experienced the fires firsthand, as various wildfires have occurred in her neighborhood and in her in-laws’ house.

“I saw how scary these fires can be,” she said.

Howard County is currently in the middle of the winter wildfire season, which will run until April, Sullivan said. The volunteer department receives about 800 calls per year.

“I feel overwhelmed by the generosity,” Sullivan said. “As a fire chief it takes a big load off my shoulder.”

The donation will cover the estimated $25,000 for the tower plus $5,000 for the antenna and additional costs.

“That's it, done. You don't need to worry about this anymore. You worry daily about the fires and emergencies in this community,” Partee said. “Worrying whether or not your tower is going to work is not
something they should spend their time stressing about.”

The tower is expected to be up and running by the end of next week.

But the Partees said the donation was more than just a “thank you” to the volunteer fire department.

“Hopefully it inspires other people to volunteer and get involved with our fundraising,” Partee said. “And if you can't donate, volunteer.”

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