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Odessa Pond is Stocked with Thousands of Rainbow Trout Fish

The stocking is the second of three done every year by the Texas Parks and Wildlife.
The Comanche Pond in Odessa was stocked with 2,000 fish Thursday.

The stocking is the second of three done every year by the Texas Parks and Wildlife.

“2,000, that’s a good amount of fish,” said Charles McDougall with the Texas Parks and Wildlife. “That ought to be really good for the fishermen.”

The state breeds the Rainbow Trout more than 300 miles away and transports them in an 800-gallon truck designed provide oxygen for the fish, keeping them alive for the ride.

“This time a year the water temperature is down in the lower 30s and they will do just fine all the way through winter and spring,” McDougall said.

Fishermen in Odessa arrived to the pond early, eager to get their day’s catch.

“We've been waiting since early this morning,” said Marco Bonilla. “They started stocking and everyone gets here around and fish.”

The state only allows each person to catch five fish, which keeps some fishermen wanting more.

“Well I'll take my limit and go home and throw them in a pan and have a meal,” said Bonilla, who prepares and fries the fish with his family.

Other fishermen like Don Webb said they have been coming to the Odessa pond for years and plan to continue coming after the stocking.

“Well the limit is five so I am planning on getting my five,” Webb said.

“I’ll come back tomorrow and catch some more. “

But others like Larry Proctor prefer to catch and release the fish.

“I just do it for the exercise and just for the fun of it to catch and release them,” he said.

Anyone interested in fishing at the Comanche Pond must have a state license, which are available through the Texas Parks and Wildlife or local stores such as Walmart.

“As far as being able to go fishing, this is the only pond in Odessa you can fish in,” Proctor said.

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