Odessa Police Officer Gives Homeless Man Boots for the Winter

Odessa Police Officer Gives Homeless Man Boots for the Winter

An Odessa Police Officer is recognized after a picture of him giving boots to a homeless man was uploaded to social media.
An Odessa Police Officer was recognized after giving a homeless man pair of boots for the winter months.

Corporal Jeremy Walsh had no idea that while he was giving away the boots, someone was snapping a picture of him.

“I just didn’t expect it, to tell you the truth,” Cpl. Walsh said.

The picture was uploaded to the City of Odessa Facebook page and quickly gained popularity on the social media site.

Cpl. Walsh said he didn’t do it to get recognized and was just happy to help A.J. Young, who has been homeless in Odessa since 1999.

“He had some boots, I think they were old Dockers, steel toes, but the shoelaces ate away and it kind of just fell apart,” Cpl. Walsh said. “I had some extra boots at my house and figured I’m not using them and they are actually a size too small and I found A.J. to see if he wanted them.”

According to Cpl. Walsh, Young is able to walk despite having lost his feet to frost bite.

“Most of the time he gets around on his knees or rolls around but he is capable of walking so I figured especially in the cold it might be nice to have something on his feet,” Cpl. Walsh said.

Young said the officer was a good man, who was doing his duty.

“He is doing his job as a good police officer,” Young said.

The two have known each other for over two years, since Cpl. Walsh began his work for the Odessa Police. On various occasions, the officer visits Young to check up on him and give him food.

Cpl. Walsh is currently working on getting crutches that will help Young with his walking.

“I figured he could use them a lot more than I can,” Cpl. Walsh said.

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