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Medical Center Health System Hold Events in Honor Of The Great American Smoke Out

ODESSA -- It wasn't a pleasant sight to see but, people say these pig lungs had an effect on both smokers and non-smokers.
ODESSA -- It wasn't a pleasant sight to see but, people say these pig lungs had an effect on both smokers and non-smokers.

"It definitely is an eye opener but I can't see my own lungs right now but it's hard to put it down sometimes," said Roy Prewit, a long-time smoker.

Prewit says he's been smoking since he was 14-years-old and now smokes half a pack a day.

"It's unhealthy and I know it is and not safe for anybody including myself," said Prewit.

Renato Galindo, a pulmonary patient educator for Medical Center Hospital says the great american smoke out is an opportunity to make the public aware of help that is available.

"A lot of them have attempted to quit and they become discouraged thinking that they'll never succeed. In all reality, it could take eight to 10 separate efforts to successfully quit," said Galindo.

He says MCH offers tools to make smokers' attempts at quiting final.

On display to help inspire smokers kick the habit, was the lung display.

According to Galindo, the black pig lung is equivalent to that of a 20-year smoker.

"Just hearing about how it ages you and your health and things like that, that's what I kept listening to so, that would have done it too though," Mariyln Grady, who has been a non-smoker for three years now.

And while Prewit says the pig lungs are impactful, he says the community you live in affects smoking habits.

"I used to live in Austin and it was easier to quit in Austin because of the bars there, there's no smoking inside of there. Here, there's still smoking everywhere so, it's so present everywhere you go so it's hard to stay away from it," Prewit said.

But Prewit says he has relatives who have been smoking for 20-years and more, something he doesn't plan to get to.

"There's no going back and so, I can't get back to that point. I can't allow myself to get to that point. I don't want to allow myself and I don't want to allow my friends and family and especially if I were ever to have children to see me smoke," Prewit said.

MCH offers a community based program where you can sit with a counselor, get the information and tools to help you quit smoking and get nicotine replacements, including patches and gum.

Organizers say the program is available year around.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about joining the program you may call:

(432) 640- 2026 or (432) 640-1160

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