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Local Rig Manufacturer Hits Milestone In Completing 50 Rigs In Little Over Two Years

ODESSA -- Business is booming in the oil industry.
ODESSA -- Business is booming in the oil industry.

And Odessa's's rig works inc. Is producing rigs very quickly to try to keep up.

"We have about 95 people here and it takes a full commitment from all of us to make all this come together," said J.W. Brake, president of Odessa's Rig Works Inc.

J.W. Brake from Rig Works says the company completed its 100th rig in August of 2011.

Then, in just a little over two years, they completed 50 more rigs, marking their 150th rig at a celebration Tuesday morning.

"Our production is about two to three rigs per month. So, at any given point, we're working on parts for four to five rigs at a time," Brake said.

Rig Works salesman Alfonso Herrera agrees, producing so much takes time and commitment.

"Over half of our staff and employees have been here since day one," said Herrera said.

Herrera says working for an oil rig manufacturer during an oil boom has some great benefits.

"It's helped me and my family to have and be where we're able to," Herrera said.

According to Herrera, an oil rig manufacturer typically spends about a month or two building one rig.

But for Rig Works, two to three rigs are built in a month.

The company started production on its latest milestone rig in December.

According to recent reports, Texas production of crude oil is now at the highest its been in three decades.

Brake attributes that in part to new energy industry technology.

"As the energy industry locally has changed with wells becoming deeper and horizontal legs becoming longer, the need for a dynamic well servicing rig and completion rig has increased dramatically," Brake said.

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