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Neighbors React To Hit & Run

Blaring sirens awoke a usually quiet neighborhood, after someone drove into an unmarked police car and ended up fleeing on foot.

“He hit an unmarked officers' vehicle and fled the scene,” said Midlander Steven Goudeau.

Skid marks and car parts still litter the street at Apperson and Lanham in Midland.

“About 9:15 or so roughly, we heard kind of a grinding sound, right out in front of the house, it sounded really close,” said Steven Goudeau.

Leftovers from the hit and run the night before .that's when Midlander Steven Goudeau saw the wreckage.

Just a white vehicle here and a guy casually getting out of it, he got out of there so calm and collected and actually locked his car before he left.

Goudeau tells me the car was missing a wheel but thought nothing of it when all of a sudden...

“Two officers came cruising down the road with a k9 unit and started asking questions, where did he go,” said Steven Goudeau.

The fugitive is on the loose and the neighborhood in confusion, where did he go?

“He was running through backyards headed west kinda down that draw right here,” said Steven Goudeau.

The suspect got away, but midland city officials say they'll catch him, they know who it is.

“The thing that scared me we didn’t know if he had a gun, or if there was more than one person,” said Steven Goudeau.

Regardless Tuesday night is a night that Goudeau won’t soon forget.
“Being a quiet little cul-de-sac and neighborhood we really don’t hear anything other than the intersection noise, we knew something was wrong, it was quite an ordeal,” said Steven Goudeau.

If you have any information about where the suspect of this hit and run may be, please call Midland Police at 432.685.7108.

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