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Mixed Feelings About Odessa New Parking Ordinances

ODESSA -- The New Year is bringing three new parking ordinances to the city of Odessa. Those new ordinances are making some residents upset, while one local business couldn’t be happier.

“I mean they are everywhere, if you look people have cars piled up and they have been there for years, why not have someone come and clean up your yard for free,” said Cruz Ramirez, Co-founder of Odessa Metal Rescue.

Odessa Metal Rescue’s business spikes, because of Odessa’s new parking ordinances.

“It’s already affected us in a positive way, we got some calls from folks calling about us picking up some vehicles and as a matter of fact we have a few to pick up today,” said Cruz Ramirez

Co-founder of Odessa metal rescue Cruz Ramirez cares for the environment, which is why he started the business in the first place.

“We started doing this on the side, just picking up metal here and there and recycling and we realized there was a huge demand for it, and we just went full forward full blast,” said Cruz Ramirez

The ordinances aren't complicated; Officer Steve LeSueur explains how they work.

“The three ordinances that took effect yesterday are basically, you can’t park a recreational vehicle or a boat or a vehicle in a front yard, in a residential front yard or an unpaved surface area…You can’t park a recreational vehicle out in the street for no more than 3 days in a 30 day period,” said Odessa Police Department Officer, Steve LeSueur.

Which makes some Odessans feel violated.

“It’s my property I can do anything that I want too,” said Odessan Tomas Duarte.

The new ordinances leave Tomas Duarte without options.

“I got two cars, a truck and a van, and they won’t fit in there. So I have to park over here on the grass because I do not have room,” said Tomas Duarte.

Duarte tells me it's not democratic.

“They ought to put in a vote so the people can vote for it,” said Tomas Duarte.

You can reach out to Odessa Metal Rescue through their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/OdessaMetalRescue?ref=br_tf
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