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Martin County Explosion

Early this morning a natural gas tank exploded causing a series of shock-waves felt throughout multiple counties.
MARTIN COUNTY -- At one in the morning a natural gas tank exploded 15 miles north of Midland on an OXY USA site in Martin County. The explosion was heard and felt for miles around.

"I heard an explosion the same time I was watching this movie, but I wasn’t sure if it was an explosion, so I rewinded it, and I didn’t hear it again," said Midlander, Jose Palacios.

What Jose heard was a gas tank exploding in Martin County, which resulted in hundreds of emergency calls. The cause of the explosion is still unknown at this time, but Martin County Sheriff, John Woodward says there are some theories.

"Malfunction of equipment of a release valve, or pressure valve that caused the explosion. Just basically there was more in it then the equipment could sustain," said Martin County Sheriff, John Woodward.

While the explosion was huge, the incident could have been much worse.

"The main thing that is a plus is that there was no ignition. It is an extremely dangerous volatile flammable substance," said John Woodward.

Some Martin County residents say the explosion echoed throughout their homes.

"It kinda ruffled the whole top of our roofs and then I heard my dogs barking," said Martin County Resident, Juan Reyna.

Which left Juan Reyna wondering what was going on.

"I thought it was a creature at first," said Juan Reyna.

Other Martin County residents were woken up from the explosion, but thought nothing of it.

"Kids didn’t wake up at all, we pretty much just went back to bed, went back to sleep," said Martin County Resident, Jeremy Day.
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