Blood Drive in The Basin

Blood Drive in The Basin

With all accidents in the Basin, donated blood may be running dry.
There’s always a need for blood and United Blood Services is doing something about it.

“In this area we have a lot of accidents and our blood supply is usually low, we just need all the blood we can get,” said United Blood Services Supervisor, Joyce Worley.

She explains the donated blood she gets doesn’t go just anywhere.

“It goes to the West Texas area hospitals,” said Joyce Worley.

One local donor, I spoke to donates nearly every time the United Blood Services bus is in Odessa.

“People need blood it saves lives that’s one thing, and it just makes me feel good to be able to help others and that’s what I like to do, help others,” said Donator, Robert Thornhill.

What goes around comes around according to Robert Thornhill.

“One day I may need some and I would like others to be giving so in case I need some they can give that in return,” said Robert Thornhill.

But Thornhill did not leave empty handed.

“You get a free snack, a bottle of water, or Gatorade,” said Thornhill.

“Find a blood drive and come out and donate blood, we need it so bad, save lives that’s what it’s all about,” said Joyce Worley.

If you are interested in donating blood to the West Texas chapter of United Blood Services visit their website
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