Midland's Housing Confusion Sorted Out

Midland's Housing Confusion Sorted Out

Almost 1000 new homes won’t be built in Midland if the Planning and Zoning Commission recommendation sticks.
MIDLAND -- Almost 1000 new homes won’t be built in Midland if the Planning and Zoning Commission recommendation sticks, and during our current housing shortage many are puzzled by the decision.
Although after speaking with Midland City Officials, I found out that rejection may not stop the developer, from breaking ground.

“We know we have a housing issue, we need affordable homes, were not saying were trying to do away with it, what we’re saying is the decisions we make today, how are they going to affect our community 20 years from now,” said Midland Mayor, Jerry Morales.

Midland planning and zoning or P and Z, recently voted against Betenbough’s 952 unit subdivision plans, which made some wonder, what’s the hold up?

“There is no waiting, were not telling developers to go away were telling developers to come to the table talk to us, we want to hear what you are proposing,” said Jerry Morales.

Midland City officials tell BIG 2 the proposed plan wasn’t a perfect fit.

“It’s a very large subdivision and they requested to not have alleys, our subdivisions regulations have a requirement that all subdivisions that come in, all have alleys,” said Assistant to The City Manager, Robert Patrick.

Councilman Jeffrey Sparks explains to P and Z made the right call, but there is a way around some ordinances if the city council approves a variance...

“It rightfully should be at the city council because we are going to be deviating from the ordinances we have on the books presently,” said Midland City Councilman, Jeffrey Sparks.

“We have a few things with Betenbough Development that need to take place and I expect will have taken place by the time it comes to city council on the 28th,” said Jeffrey Sparks.

The Denial by the P and Z hasn't delayed anything....

“There actually was no time delay 3-3 vote which goes to appeal on the council on the 28th if it had been approved it would have gone to city council in the same manner,” said Robert Patrick.

 “So again were not trying to say we’re doing away with affordable we’re not saying were trying to run any national builders away we just want to work with our developers with possibly a new vision,” said Jerry Morales.

We spoke with Betenbough developers today that informed us isn't the first time they’ve built homes in Midland, and expect their revised plans to meet the city’s requirements.
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