UTPB Students Vote In Favor To Add A Division II Football Team

UTPB Students Vote In Favor To Add A Division II Football Team

Students are excited to purchase a jersey and head to the game to support the Falcons.

"Ever since I have been here at UTPB, people have asked when are we gonna start football team”, said UTPB President, David Watts.

The school is one step closer to making that dream a reality, but in order to establish a football team, the students must pay up.

"Without a student fee and without the generous support of the Midland and Odessa communities, it's unlikely that we'd be able to begin this program" said Watts.

The current fee is used for the Student Union and Mesa Building.

Students say it was an easy decision to repurpose an existing fee to support sports.

"Were also just growing as a community, so it'll kind of help us have some more things to do", said UTPB Freshman, Alexis Trevino.

A football team will support more activities like band and the cheerleading squad.

One student believes people will start cheering for the Falcons instead of the Red Raiders.

"Right now UTPB is kind of an underdog, it's a newbie. It has to be known by people and a football team is a great way to do it", said UTPB Jose Rodriquez.

A Falcon football team would put UTPB on the map.

Especially since the games would take place in a stadium with more than 17,000 seats.

"We have an agreement with the Ector County Independent School District to be able to use Ratliff Stadium" said Watts.

Watts says based on when other universities have added a football program, the team helped grow the student population.

"We would expect somewhere around 400 more students choosing UTPB" said Watts.

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