UPDATE: Former Pecos Cop Arrested, Charged With 'Misuse of Information'

UPDATE: Former Pecos Cop Arrested, Charged With 'Misuse of Information'

A Pecos police officer who resigned earlier this week, was arrested Wednesday, Two days after her boyfriend was arrested in a federal drug raid.
PECOS, TX (Local Big 2 News)  - (UPDATE) Texas Rangers arrest a former Pecos police officer, accusing her with 'misuse of information', according to authorities.

Helen Vernon was taken into custody on Wednesday evening, police say, two days after her boyfriend was arrested during a federal drug raid in Pecos. She resigned from the Pecos Police Department earlier this week, officials say.

Pecos police chief Clay McKinney confirms with Local Big 2 News that Vernon was a "Sgt. Investigator with the Criminal Investigations Division" and that she had been with the department for "at least 10 years".

Vernon's boyfriend, Jose Corrales, was arrested on Monday morning after U.S. marshals found meth during a the drug raid. Corrales' daughter, Angelica was also taken into custody. Both are facing drug charges, police say.


PECOS, TX (Local Big 2 News) - Federal agents bust a Methanphetamine operation in Pecos. Two people are now in custody facing almost a dozen federal drug charges between them. Jose Luis Corrales and Angelica Corrales both face five counts of meth possession with intent to distribute. Each count could carry a sentence a minimum of five and maximum of fourty years in prison. According to court documents the meth ring dates back as early as April 2013. As one neighbor witnessed, yesterday it all came to an end.

"I heard a helicopter, all kinds of flashing lights, there must have been 6-10 police units up and down this street," explains Collins.

Around 8:30 Monday morning, Jim Collins gets ready for a typical trip to the grocery store and bank, but instead she finds his neighborhood on lockdown.

"I started getting in my truck and one officer came up and said you can't leave because they had everything blocked off, nothing came in and nothing went out," described Collins.

While U.S. Marshalls raid a nearby home and building, looking for two people accused of selling meth. Collins stayed in his house for three to four hours, and he heard a loud explosion.

"It was scary, it was really scary for awhile there, I couldn't believe that, what sounded like a gunshot, I'm assuming it was a gunshot," questioned Collins.

It's unclear what caused the explosion sound, but according to court documents, the agents made two arrests. Officials say Jose Corrales sold meth out of 219 E 4th street in Pecos, right across the road from the federal courthouse where they were later indicted. Authorities indicted Jose Corrales and Angelica Corrales on five counts of possession with intent to distribute, and Jose Corrales on a sixth count of selling the meth.
Collins tells me he's thankful for the arrests.

"It looks to me like the police are doing their job." explained Collins.

The pair remain in the custody of U.S. Marshalls this morning. They're due back in court on Thursday August 21 at 10 am.
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