UPDATE: Eleven Vehicles Reported Stolen in Odessa

UPDATE: Eleven Vehicles Reported Stolen in Odessa

Odessa police say they all occurred within just miles of each other.
ODESSA, TX (Local Big 2 News) - (UPDATE) Police say what began as a string of seven vehicles reported stolen on Friday has ballooned to eleven.

As of now, police do not have any leads or suspects.

Police say the crimes happened within two or three miles of each other. Some of them were reported between 8th and 42nd streets, others were reported between Grant and Andrews, heading toward JBS Parkway.

Steve LeSeur of the Odessa Police Department tells Local Big 2 News that, on average, the department responds to one or two cars stolen per day.

Odessa police has an 80 percent recovery rate when it comes to finding stolen cars, according to LeSeur.

All eleven of the recent vehicle thefts were reported on Friday.

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