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Terlingua Woman Pleads Guilty to Claiming $250,000 of Dead Father's Social Security Benefits

Judith Broughton entered her plea in a Pecos federal courtroom on Thursday.
PECOS, TX (Local Big 2 News) - A Terlingua woman admits to claiming nearly a quarter of a million dollars worth of social security benefits on her dead father's behalf.

Judith Broughton, 49, pleaded guilty to fraud charges in a Pecos federal courtroom on Thursday after investigators say she claimed $245,226 worth of her dead fathers' social security benefits.

Officials say she committed the crime over a 21-year span, from 1990 - 2011. Broughton admitted that her father died in 1990, and she continued to make payments on a Kentucky storage unit in his name. That's where investigators discovered his mummified body, in January of this year, according to authorities.

Prior to Broughton's arrest she was living with her mother, Mary Elizabeth Broughton, whose been missing since her daughter's arrest.

Investigators say Mary was also a beneficiary of the social security payments, which was deposited into a joint account that included Judith.

Judith Broughton remains in custody with a sentence hearing pending. Officials say she faces up to 10 years in federal prison.

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