SXSW Tragedy

SXSW Tragedy

2 dead...23 injured...and out of those 23...5 are in critical condition, after an accused drunk driver plowed through a crowd at the music festival, SXSW.
Midland, TX (Big 2 News) - "I was still kind of asleep, I didn't want to believe it, I thought maybe it might be a dream or something,” said Justin Langston.

A dream that he wanted to wake up from, and a close friend who couldn’t have been further away.

"I know she did get hit, it was in front of Mohawks in Austin, and I don't know a lot of details because she lost her phone when this stuff happened,” said Langston.

Justin Langston, a musician from Kermit, Texas, was supposed to be standing next to his friend, Mason, at the festival.

"I do know that she went through surgery this morning, and she got a pin in her femur,” said Langston.

But, his plans changed.

"It was so fast, it happened so fast, all these people, just flying, it was terrifying,” said witnesses.

Late last night, a suspected drunk driver plowed through a crowd at the widely attended music festival, South by Southwest.

"This is an individual that showed no regard for the human beings that he plowed through,” said Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo.

A man and a woman died and twenty-three others are injured, and out of those twenty-three, police say that five are in critical condition.

Justin Langston’s friend was injured, but she’ll be alright.

"I'm just glad she's alive,” said Langston.

"I could've been there, and there’s a big chance I could’ve been there,” said Langston.

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