Swimnastics Prepares Kids For The Competitive Diving Program

Swimnastics Prepares Kids For The Competitive Diving Program

COM Aquatics Swimnastics Director Emily Sanchez says she teaches students the correct diving technique by using gymnastics.

Midland, TX (Local Big 2 Sports) - "The people here are just amazing from the kids, to the parents, to other co-workers it's just one big unit", said COM Aquatics Swimnastics Director, Emily Sanchez.

COM Aquatics have a variety of classes from water aerobics to physical therapy.

"We have all different programs for all ages from babies all the way up through senior citizens", said COM Aquatics Head Age Group Coach, Jenna Purkey.

Sanchez specializes in a different type of training.

"Swimnastics is a program where we divide it between 30 minutes of a diving based gymnastics lesson and a 30 minute swimming lesson", said Sanchez.

The kids enrolled in the Swimnastics program learn the proper form at an early age making diving easier throughout their lives.

Swimnastics is not intense bars, beams and floor exercises.

The course works on other areas to help the student improve.

"We work on the core strength, the balance, hand stands, learning how to flip, body awareness and that's usually stuff you use in higher level gymnastics so it's kind of cool to see these 3 year olds that become aware of their bodies", said Sanchez.

Jenna Purkey says Swimnastics teaches swimmers coordination on land and in the water. The kids come out of the program as enhanced gymnast and divers.

"Everyone that comes through our programs loves COM as a family", said Purkey.

Sanchez has coached for more than 10 years.

She’s living out her dreams at COM Aquatics.

"It was one of those things where it was either coach or teacher so definitely didn't make it as a teacher but I love coaching it's what I do", said Sanchez. 

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