Storms In Monahans Leave Girl Scouts Without Their Clubhouse

Storms In Monahans Leave Girl Scouts Without Their Clubhouse

The Girl Scout House was left with thousands of dollars in damages.
MONAHANS, TX (Local Big 2 News) -- A group of girl scouts are without their clubhouse after storms earlier this week. Those storms left the building, in Monahans, with thousands of dollars in damages.

"Helping other people," said Girl Scout Rachealle Smith.

Something 9-year old Rachealle Smith enjoys doing as a girl scout, but now her troop needs a little help of its own.

"It took the entire roof off the building," said Girl Scout Membership Manager Rita Lujan.

"The floor was flooded, I mean it was, it covered your feet, the smell was horrible," said Girl Scout Leader Becky Esparza.

Storms tore through the girl scout house on Sunday, leaving the girl scouts without a place to meet.

"I was kind of heartbroken for them," said volunteer Judy Russell.

9-year old Kaitlin Russell describes her feelings after she saw the damage.

"Sad," said Russell.

Thousands of dollars of damage.

"A ton of water damage in there, we had to take out all of the carpet, all of the supplies, and furniture that was in the building," said Lujan.

Membership Manager Rita Lujan tells me there is a long list of repairs.

"The entire roof needs to be replaced, air conditioner, carpet," said Lujan.

But despite the sour situation, the troop leader Becky Esparza still makes lemonade out of lemons.

The only thing we can do right now, would be having a star night," said Esparza.

And something Russell can't wait to do once the house gets all of the necessary repairs?

"Arts and crafts and games," said Russell.
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