Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive In the Permian Basin

Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive In the Permian Basin

The Post Office was delivering more than just letters this weekend. mail trucks dropped of donated goods to food banks for the National Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive.
Odessa, Tx (Local Big 2 News) - "There's a lot of hungry kids and a lot of hungry families out in the world today," said volunteer Ana Holguin.

But there will soon be a lot less.

"We are hoping to top anywhere from eight-eight thousand, ninety thousand, maybe one-hundred thousand. We would love to get one-hundred thousand pounds of food," said West Texas Food Bank worker Joseph Ruiz.

Pounds of food delivered in mail trucks.

The United States Postal Service collects donated goods and delivers them to local food banks.

"It's a time when the community actually gets all together at one time," said Ruiz.

Joseph Ruiz works for the West Texas Food Bank and he describes that special feeling he gets when helping out.

"To feed the hungry, that's just incredible," said Ruiz.

But it's incredible volunteers like the Vejil family who inspire others to help hungry families in the Basin.

"I brought my kids also to work with me. We're glad to be able to volunteer," said volunteer Cindy Vejil.

Her twelve year old daughter Marina reminds us to appreciate our own pantries.

"It makes me feel grateful for the things that I have," said Marina Vejil.

And her big brother Isaiah has a simple philosophy.

"If I get food, I think that other people should get food too," said Vejil.

"The kids volunteering today, it's fantastic," said Ruiz.

And Ruiz can't imagine stepping into the shoes of someone who hasn't eaten for days.

"Not many of us know how it feels to kind of go without eating. I know if I were in a situation where I was hungry, I'm hoping people would come together to help me out," said Ruiz.

And they will.

"It makes me happy inside," said Vejil.
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