Special Self Defense Classes Teach Women To Fight Back

Special Self Defense Classes Teach Women To Fight Back

Women in the Tall City learn to kick and punch their way out of a dangerous situation.
MIDLAND, TX (Local Big 2 News) -- With crime on the rise in the Tall City, police put out warnings to be more aware of your surroundings, but some women around the Basin aren't stopping there.

"There's probably about one rape committed every two minutes in the United States," said Midland Police Officer John Kerrigan.

While these women learn how to fight back.

"They learn kicks, strikes, they get out of chokes, grabs from the rear, grabs from the front," said Kerrigan.

Rape, Aggression, Defense, or R.A.D. is what they call it.
It's a special self defense class, and it teaches women something very important.

"Confidence," said class participant Tynisa Ellis.

"The class is to give you tools to put in your tool chest in case you're ever put into a situation where you have to defend yourself," said R.A.D. Instructor Bobbie Kerrigan.

R.A.D. instructor Bobbie Kerrigan teaches the women valuable techniques.

"You learn how to react where you won't freeze, you won't go into that black zone where you shut down," said Kerrigan.

Claudia Cantu decided to take the course to protect herself.

"It's just something that I think I should know, everyone should know," said Cantu.

I even learned a few self defense moves in case an attacker sneaks up behind me.

"Anything can happen at anytime, especially here in Midland and Odessa," said Cantu.

That's why Officer John Kerrigan prepares the ladies for unexpected attacks.

"We run them through scenarios where they're attacked by padded aggressors," said Kerrigan.

Because sometimes pepper spray isn't enough.

"Pepper spray or something, but what if you don't have that? You're going to have to defend yourself," said Cantu.

And while in attack mode, Cantu learned a lot about herself.

"To be more vigilant, be more aware of my surroundings, and just to be cautious wherever I go," said Cantu.

And at the end of the class, Officer Kerrigan left the women with a few wise words.

"If you ever get into a confrontation, don't quit," said Kerrigan.
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