Soldier Returns Home to Surprise His Family

Soldier Returns Home to Surprise His Family

U.S. Air Force Staff Sergeant Josh Born returned home to surprise his family in Odessa.
Madison Cain was in for a surprise on Friday.

Campfire, an after school program Cain participates in, organized for a soldier to come in and surprise her at Jordan Elementary School.

"It feels great to be back. Great to be supported,” said SSGT Joshua Born. “I was born and raised in Odessa and I love the community."

U.S. air force staff Sergeant Born is stationed in Dyess air force base in Abilene. But he was deployed to Afghanistan for 200 days before returning home.

"I was happy and excited,” said Madison Cain of the reunion.

It was a surprise witnessed by many in the school.

"I’m her hero in her class right? Whenever I found that out I flew here a flag and just wanted to come home and surprise her and make it back safe. Just glad to be here," Born said.

Cain wasn't the only one surprised. Born was surprised himself when his mother and members of the patriot guard were there to witness the surprise.

"I didn't know my mother, my best friend, the whole crew was here,” Born said.

He has served in the air force for about nine years with tours in Korea and Iraq.

"Just thankful for everything we have here. You know, a lot of people have it a lot harder over there; it's a third-world nation. It just makes you appreciate everything you have back home," Born said.

While his niece calls him a hero, Born says he doesn't exactly see it that way.

"I honestly don't feel like a hero. Military members who give their lives, them and their families are the real heroes,” he said. “I just did my job, did what I had to do to come home safe to my family."

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