Small Towns Big Dreams

Small Towns Big Dreams

Midland isn't the only city thriving from the oil boom, both the city of Stanton and Lamesa are benefiting too!
Welcome to Stanton, a small town with big dreams.

Dreams, that could soon come true.

The city council is scheduled to vote on a proposed project next week, that would add twenty new houses to the community.

"This is very exciting news to hear," said Stanton resident Brenda Kendall.

News that City Administrator Mike Adams says is much needed.

"We constantly get calls about businesses wanting to move here and hoping to, and the number of people that they would employ, and one of the hold ups is that there's not any housing," said Adams.

City leaders are thanking the oil boom for the population increase in both Stanton and Lamesa.

I spoke with the Mayor of Lamesa, Dave Nix, in a phone conversation, and he told me that they're excited about the growth, but it does present a few challenges.

"We're probably going to have to do more upgrading and adding to be able to handle the additional population here," said Adams.

But still, the growth is something residents and local business owners like Brenda Kendall are welcoming.

"We want people to be welcome in Stanton, and to raise their families here, and to have their children go to our schools and our churches," said Kendall.

Kendall has lived in Stanton her entire life and owns Stanton Drug, which operates as both a pharmacy and an old fashioned soda fountain.

"There are some proposed sites will be open to further our growth and to encourage people to come live in our home, sweet home little town," said Kendall.

A town that can't wait for more opportunities.
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