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Sharyland Customers Have Until May 1 To Pick New Energy Retailer

If you're a Sharyland customer, you're not required to pick an energy retailer by May 1, 2014.
Stanton, TX (Big 2 News) - Sharyland customers in Stanton, Colorado City, Brady, and Celeste will now need to pick an energy retail provider.

This comes after Sharyland took over for Cap Rock Energy, which by law did not have to offer retail choice for electric service, back in July 2010.

At that time, the Public Utility Commission of Texas directed Sharyland to prepare a plan to transition customers to the competitive retail electricity market.

Sharyland filed its plan in July 2011, and the PUCT approved it in August 2012.

The "wires" companies, Oncor, AEP and now Sharyland in your area that own, operate, and manage the transmission and distribution system remain regulated, but the companies that produce and sell electricity are not regulated so that market forces can determine prices and services.

This transition will mean Sharyland will continue to be the "wires" company that will be in charge of maintenance for the area, but the company will no longer sell electricity or send bills.

Customers may still call Sharyland when there is an outage, and they will still perform all connections and disconnections related to service, but it will be at the direction of the Retail Energy Provider each customer chooses.

For more information customers can visit www.sharyland.com or call 1-800-442-8688. 

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