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Rep. Tom Craddick Raises Concerns Over Funds Midland College Approved For CAF

Midland, TX (Big 2 News) - The Commemorative Air Force is finding itself in controversy again.
Midland, TX (Big 2 News) - The Commemorative Air Force is finding itself in controversy again.

Texas Representative Tom Craddick is raising concerns over funding the CAF receives for it's American Airpower Heritage Museum.

"The local museum and the CAF are one. And so, there's a law that junior colleges cannot spend money outside their taxing district," Craddick said.

According to Craddick, Midland College recently voted to distribute more than $300,000 dollars to the CAF's museum.

But he's concerned not all the funds will be used locally.

"For the past 14 years, the state funding we received has stayed here at the American Airpower Heritage Museum, and the next two year appropriations we see will also stay right here in Midland in our museum," said Stephan Brown, president and CEO of the CAF.

According to Brown, the money used to fund the museum comes from an appropriation from the Texas state budget.

The money comes through Midland College and is then distributed to the American Airpower Heritage Museum.

"Both institutions do education and so it was set up that way 14 years ago by Representative Craddick so that's the way he established it and that's the way it has remained so far."

In order to ensure all funds are used locally in Midland, Craddick has requested an audit.

"This is a politician who is unhappy with the CAF moving its headquarters," Brown said.

"For me, it's that I asked for the appropriation, it's in my district, it's state tax money, I wanna make sure it's being spent right," Craddick said.

Brown says there is nothing to worry about since the American Airpower Heritage Museum and the CAF are two separate corporations with separate finances and accounts.

"We've got 250 local members who do a great job and want to remain and these kind of political tactics are really threatening our livelihood in Midland," said Brown.

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