Red, White and Blue BBQ In Big Spring

Red, White and Blue BBQ In Big Spring

A BBQ to honor veterans for serving our country.
BIG SPRING, TX (Local Big 2 News) -- A red, white and blue tribute BBQ, honors veterans head of our Independence Day holiday. The State Veterans Home in Big Spring hosted the event Thursday afternoon.

Stars, stripes and lots of suspenders.

"We had picnics, and lemonade, and iced tea and fried chicken," said veteran Floyd Mock.

Army Veteran Floyd Mock remembers his childhood Fourth of July celebrations. Now, he's 84 years old and he enjoys an early Independence Day at the red, white and blue BBQ in Big Spring.

"I'm lucky to be here," said Mock.

The BBQ serves up more than just sweet treats. It's about paying tribute to those who served our country.

"I felt honored to be in the service, we seen a lot of things," said Mock.

Mock recollects two things he used to do back in 1950, while in the Army.

"I drank a lot of beer, and I dug a lot of fox holes," said Mock.

Family and friends joined the vets to show their appreciation.
Bealea Somerville brought her parents along for a little star spangled sit-down.

"My father is a Veteran of WWII, he was in the Navy," said Somerville.

Somerville tells me she's thankful for vets like her father Keith, who fought for what the 4th of July stands for, our independence.

"My generation and younger generations have had very good lives thanks to them," said Somerville.

And the vets certainly had a ball at the BBQ.

"I have enjoyed it, and I met some beautiful girls," said Mock.
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