Police: Pair Robs Dollar Store, Flees with Drugs and Kids in Car

Police: Pair Robs Dollar Store, Flees with Drugs and Kids in Car

Two people are in custody, facing several charges after an incident at an Odessa dollar store Tuesday.
Ivonne Lucero
Ivonne Lucero
Terrance Jackson
Terrance Jackson
ODESSA, TX (Local Big 2 News) - Two people face several charges after robbing an Odessa dollar store and fleeing the scene with kids and drugs in the car, according to police.

It happened at the Dollar General on North County Road West around 3 Tuesday afternoon.

Police say Ivonne Lucero and Terrance Jackson tried to leave the store without paying for items that Lucero hid in her purse. 

According to the report, employees saw Lucero putting baby food in her purse, but instead of paying for the baby food, the two paid for a candy bar.

The employee confronted Lucero about the baby food and she lifted her child out of the basket with her left hand and hit the employee with the right hand, the report said.

“When the employee confronted Lucero about it, Lucero punched her in the face and then Jackson stepped in, grabbed her and pushed her away,” Steve LeSueur, OPD’s Public Information Officer said.

That’s when the crime escalated from a theft to a robbery.

“It's just absolutely ridiculous. You can't do that. You can't go around committing crimes or exposing children,” LeSueur said. “That puts them in harm’s way.”

Authorities say Jackson then grabbed the employee and pushed her out of the way as the two left with three children in a dark-colored Chevrolet Suburban.

Officers obtained a license plate number from the employee and later caught up to the suspects. Police say they found a small glass pipe and a bag of marijuana within reach of three "unrestrained" children in the vehicle. Police also say that Lucero lied about her name when officers asked who she was.

Police charge Lucero with second-degree felony robbery, endangering a child and false identification to a police officer. Jackson is being charged with second-degree felony robbery, endangering a child and possession of marijuana.

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