Petition Circulates To Stop Ted Nugent Concert

Petition Circulates To Stop Ted Nugent Concert

A petition on by Odessa organization Una Voz Unida asks for Ted Nugent's Wagner Noel concert to be cancelled.
MIDLAND, TX, (Local Big 2 News) - An Odessa group petitions against Ted Nugent's concert at the Wagner Noel Performing Arts center on August 17.  Una Voz Unida says Ted Nugent is sexist and a bigot, based on some remarks Nugent said about Hillary Clinton and President Obama.

"It's just something that we believe is not a good reflection on the community or the Wagner," says Art Leal, President of Una Voz Unida.

A petition on calls for the Wagner Noel to ban Nugent.

"There are alot of people who are upset about some of the comments he has made," explains Leal.

Leal says that he's a Gulf War veteran and doesn't support Nugent's comments.

"He was a draft dodger in Vietnam, so I don't believe that even represents us as veterans," he says.

After talking to "Show of Support", a group bringing Nugent to Midland for a benefit concert, Leal says he got a negative response.

"I believe that the show of support group, that they erred in selecting him," Leal adds.

We turned the question to you on Local Big Two's Facebook page, and found many people disagree with the petition.

"Ted Nugent has the right to say what he believes in. I agree with a lot of what he says and disagree with others but you can't say he doesn't stand up for what he believes in!" says Philip Carey.

"It is simple you have a choice buy a ticket and go or don't buy a ticket," says Lori Baker.

"Reading some of the comments just before this interview, was really disappointing, and I think I've received a handful of very derogatory emails,"

Leal says he supports everyone's freedom of speech, but is still upset.

"It's troubling because it's almost like an endorsement from the Wagner, and there's alot of people who don't approve of that behavior."

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