Permian Basin Honor Flight Veterans

Permian Basin Honor Flight Veterans

The first Permian Basin Honor Flight is set to take off this fall, and veterans selected for the inaugural trip were honored.
Midland, TX (Big 2 News) - "At my age, I know that my time is limited," said Veteran Grady Lobley.

At ninety-two years old Grady Lobley is ready to take a trip, to Washington D.C.

Thursday was a day bringing back many memories and also starting some new ones.

"I remember we flew the North Atlantic all the way to North Africa, non-stop," said Lobley.

Old memories as a B-24 bomber pilot in World War II, new ones being chosen as one of nearly one hundred veterans going to the nations capital.

"You can bet the stories that'll be told all the way there and back," said Lobley.

Chairman Jeremy West recognized the vets and couldn't say enough to express his gratitude.

"We can't say enough, we can't give you enough gratitude, we can't give you enough praise for what you've done for this country," said West.

"It means a great deal to every one of us," said Lobley.

And West knows firsthand what this trip truly means for the vets.

"If you look at the faces and the eyes of these veterans when they get off the plane and go to these memorials, you see a combination of pain, but also satisfaction," said West.

But it doesn't come without a huge expense.

"This Permian Basin Honor Flight is a tall task," said West.

It's around two-hundred thirty-seven thousand dollars to get the plane off the ground.

And they have a new goal, to raise two-hundred fifty thousand dollars to help a vet's dream come true.

"Maybe you'll wonder, how did I make it this far," said Lobley.

And Lobley did make it far...

"I'm ninety-two, I've stayed in shape," said Lobley.
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