Pay Raises Proposed in Midland and Ector Counties

Pay Raises Proposed in Midland and Ector Counties

Midland and Ector County Comissioners set to consider pay raises for county employees and elected officials.
MIDLAND AND ECTOR COUNTIES (Local Big 2 News) - Pay raises could be on the way for elected officials in Midland and Ector counties. Both county comissioner courts met today to hear the proposed pay raises. With the cost of almost everything on the rise in the Basin leaders believe they need to give pay raises in Midland and Ector counties.

"This economy is growing at a rate we've never seen, the cost of living here of doing business here isn't restrictive to the public sector," says Midland County Judge Mike Bradford.

Midland County's salary evaluation committee, based off of surveys from other counties around the state, recommends salary increases for next year. A 5% increase plus $3,000 dollars for all county elected officials, and a 3% plus $3,000 increase for non-elected employees. Last year, all Midland county officials received a flat $3,000 dollar increase.

Judge Bradford says the added increase for elected officials is needed because employees already get an anniversary raise.

"You will see those employees earning more than the elected, but yet the elected is the one responsible for that department," explains Bradford.

Ector County comissioners also heard a proposed 5% across the board increase for county employees. Sheriff's deputies would receive between a 10-15% increase. The sheriffs office requested a 25% increase.

"We need to crunch those numbers, the first time I ran these numbers they were going to be cost prohibitive without some sort of a tax increase," says Ector County judge Susan Redford.

Redford says the 25% increase remains a possibility.

"I think the comissioners court will look at that next week whenever we meet as a whole and evaluate that," Redford adds.

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