Odessa Infant Death

Odessa Infant Death

An arrest has been made in the case of a six-month-old infant found dead last November in Odessa.

"You think these things aren't going to happen in your neighborhood...and they do.”

Children lined up on Seminole Street.

They played and enjoyed a treat from the ice cream truck.

By looking at the scene, it’s hard to believe that just last November, an infant was found dead at the house on this very block.

"It's a frightening thing...that a child never even got a chance,”said Donna Diaz.

Caleb Givens was arrested for killing the infant.

He was then booked into jail on charges of manslaughter and endangering an infant.

"We saw the warrant for the charge of manslaughter against Caleb Givens,” Smith said.

I found out from Sergeant Robin Smith, that there is some history at this house.

"The detectives then got the second warrant...which was for injury to a child,” said Smith.

It’s not the first time there has been an incident here.

"I worry a lot...especially when I see little children out here,” said Diaz.

This is not something they want to see in this Odessa neighborhood, and Donna Diaz seemed crushed.

"This is a devastating thing for all of Odessa,” said Diaz.

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