New Warning Sirens Installed in Monahans

New Warning Sirens Installed in Monahans

City leaders hope the 3 new sirens will allow all Monahans residents to hear a warning if danger threatens.
MONAHANS, TX, (Local Big 2 News) - New sirens ready to echo throughout Monahans, as officials hope to give people an early warning if a dangerous situation ever develops.

"For the most part our major concern is big weather events, tornadoes or that type of thing," said Assistant City Manager Rex Thee.

On Friday, workers will put the finishing touches on three new warning sirens in town, in addition to four already in place.

"What we have done with these 3 is place them mostly to fill in the area in town, but also to catch up on the expansion in town," Thee explained.

The sirens will not only sound an alarm for severe weather, they will also go off if other disasters strike the city, such as a train derailment or hazardous chemical spill.

"Emergency management plan for the county has in place the warning system in case something like that happens, train derailment or big fire," described Thee.

Monahans spent about $45,000 on the sirens, but Thee believes you can't put a price on a few minutes of extra time, a warning which could save your life.

"They can take measures to protect themselves and their families, that's the real purpose for these sirens," he added.

If you hear the sirens go off on Friday, don't worry, city leaders plan to finish installation, and test them out.
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