New Home Construction: Quality Vs. Quantity

New Home Construction: Quality Vs. Quantity

New houses are popping up all over the Basin. But is it too many too fast?
MIDLAND, TX (Local Big 2 News) -- New houses, they're popping up all over the Basin. But is it too many too fast? Some homeowners worry about the quality of their new home.

Dust, hammers, and planks of wood. All at the center of construction, new home construction, a hot commodity here in the Basin.

"We just recently purchased a home out here," said homeowner Jason Hawkins.

Jason Hawkins wants to be sure his new home reaches the right level.

"Just making sure it's on par with our standards as far as quality is concerned," said Hawkins.

And with all the new homes popping up around the Basin, quality is something the Hawkins family worries about.

"I could see it being an issue, people just trying to rush through building houses, trying to get it out there," said Hawkins.

"We come out here pretty regularly, check on progress of other homes, so we can understand what the quality is like," said homeowner Catherine Hawkins.

And surprisingly, Tyler Patton with the B.B.B. tells me, it's pretty good here in the Basin.

"In the Permian Basin over actually the last three years, compared to nationally, we've seen very few complaints," said Patton.

Patton recommends homeowners do a few things to ensure the quality of their home.

"Get out and drive and look at those homes and then talk to the homeowners, find out if they had any issues," said Patton.

Meanwhile, the Hawkins' smart homeowner ways will hopefully pay off come March.

"We're hoping to break ground in September and be finished by March," said Hawkins.
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