New Details and Questions In a Scary Hit and Run Accident

New Details and Questions In a Scary Hit and Run Accident

Midland Police found the vehicle involved, but the victim and his family still have lots of questions.

Midland, TX (Big 2 News) - "I just want to see justice for my brother-in-law for his leg," said the victim's brother-in-law Jerry Murphy.

Jerry Murphy might be one step closer to that justice.

"Police were able to actually locate the vehicle that was involved in the hit and run accident this morning due to some more indentifying details about the vehicle that they received from a witness," said Public Information Officer Sara Higgins."

So far, no arrests.

"We do have the vehicle impounded at this point and the investigation continues," said Higgins.

But on Monday morning the rumors were being posted on Facebook left and right.

Accusations the nineteen-year old owner of this page was the man who hit William Gandy on Friday night.

Accusations you can see by the posts the nineteen-year old denies.

The online chatting even suggested Murphy made threats.

"I didn't threaten anybody's family or nothing like that, I haven't made any threats, they believe I've threatened somebody's family," said Murphy.

Police tell me they haven't arrested anyone yet, but they know who they want.

"We do believe we know who the driver was but there's still some more investigation to do before we make that final decision," said Higgins.

It's a decision the family want's done, an arrest, and a way to get a little closure.

"I just want to see him pay for what he's done," said Murphy.
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