Mom Seeks Odessa Stranger Who Helped Daughter: "She Just Touched Our Hearts"

Mom Seeks Odessa Stranger Who Helped Daughter: "She Just Touched Our Hearts"

A woman in a store kneels down, wipes a girl's tears and helps her tie her shoes. Now the girl's Mom needs your help to find the kind stranger.
ODESSA, TX (Local Big 2 News) - A Mom is on the hunt for a kind stranger who stopped while in an Odessa shoe store, wiped her daughter's tears and helped the girl learn how to tie her shoes.

"She just touched our hearts and made Whitnee's day!" Gabi Seals says about the random act of kindness.

Seals tells Local Big 2 News that it happened earlier this week at a Payless store in Odessa. Seals' daughter, Whitnee, 6, was becoming frustrated after being unable to tie her own shoes.

"She sat down at Payless crying because all of her cousins could tie their new shoes their Gran had just bought, but Whitt could not tie hers." Seals says in a Facebook post.

The kind stranger noticed Whitnee on the floor and asked Seals if she could help her out.

"She wiped Whitnee's tears and sat down on the floor and began to work with her," Seals says in a Facebook post.

"Ten minutes later Whitnee can now tie her shoes!"

Seals' Facebook post that documents the act with a few pictures has garnered more than 200 shares and 70 likes since she posted it on Wednesday.

Now Seals says Whitnee wants to send the woman a token of gratitude, as even she continues to be impressed with the woman's generous act.

"She (Whitnee) has talked of nothing but that super lady that helped her and would like to send her a thank you note!" Seals says in her Facebook post.

"Please share this so we can find her!!!"

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