MISD Proposed Salary Increases

MISD Proposed Salary Increases

Midland ISD teachers could be seeing salary increases. That was one of the things discussed at the MISD board meeting.
Midland, TX (Local Big 2 News) - "They have all these initiatives it's very exciting for MISD very exciting for our children," said Grandmother Rachel Stone.

The proposed initiatives include proposed pay raises for MISD school district staff.

It's something Rachel Stone feels is important, as she has a grandson who attends midland ISD.

"It's something that is definitely needed," said Stone.

MISD superintendent Dr. Ryder Warren layed out part one of a three part salary initiative in Monday's school board meeting.

"I'm going to recommend that all MISD employees get a two point five midpoint raise across the board," said Warren.

These raises would be for both professional and support staff.

Support staff include bus drivers, maintenace crews, and teacher assistants.

"Without the support staff a lot of things wouldn't be possible including getting our kids to school," said Stone.

Dr. Warren says that's why he wants to raise a bus driver's salary by four dollars an hour.

"We're going to go up on the average pay to almost twenty dollars an hour for our bus drivers," said Warren.

Essentially, he explains, if the proposed incentives are approved by the board, a bus driver's starting salary would be increased from $10.52 and hour, to $14.70 an hour.

Stone is in favor of the increase.

"I am a big supporter of support staff," said Stone.

She also feels it's needed for teachers too.

"That's who is creating our future doctors and presidents," said Stone.
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