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Midland Police Department Offering Women's Self-Defense Class

Midland, TX (Big 2 News) - "Midland's a pretty good town," said Susan Vasquez, a Midland resident.
Midland, TX (Big 2 News) - "Midland's a pretty good town," said Susan Vasquez, a Midland resident.

The boom has its side effects, bringing in more people from all over.

Some residents say it's changed the way they feel about the city's safety.

"Not very safe but I do have a security system in my home," Kathleen Hunt, a Midland resident.

According to Midland police, it's natural to have an increase in crime with an increase in city population.

"There's a lot more robberies and cars being broken into," Hunt said.

With recent reports of an older model white van targeting female runners and cyclists, we asked women if they would know what to do if they found themselves in an unsafe situation.

"When I was in college I took taekwando and I've had quite a few kids so, I know how to wrestle around with them and all," Vasquez said.

"We don't want you to stand there and fight toe-to-toe with somebody. If you can stun them, get outta there, run. Run, get help, make noise you know, get noticed, have somebody some help you," said Officer John Kerrigan.

To help prepare women to fight back to aggressors, the City of Midland is holding a no-cost all women's self defense class on May 8th and May 10th.

The class will teach women how to properly protect themselves through different scenarios.

Police officials say it will help to teach women that they can be as strong as a man.

"I've seen some big women that can take care of themselves but just 'cause you're small doesn't mean you can't fight a big man, or aggressor will say whether a man or female," Kerrigan said.

And for those that prefer to have a self-defense tool with them, such as pepper spray or a taster, police officials say it's best to train with those tools.

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