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Midland Man May Lose His Leg After Hit-And-Run Accident

The Gandy family is asking for the public's help to find this person.

"An oncoming car came, it just swerved. I guess he was texting or something and wasn't paying attention and it knocked me smooth off the road”, said William Gandy.

The Gandy family is asking for the public's help to find this person.

Gandy was a victim to another hit and run accident in the Basin.

"I laid in the middle of the turning lane and he hauled off and everybody else stopped", said Gandy.

His brother-in-law waited until the ambulance arrived to transport him to Midland Memorial Hospital.

Unfortunately Gandy was unable to get a look at the vehicle that crashed into his Harley.

Gandy’s brother-in-law, Jerry Murphy was able to make a description of the automobile.

"My brother-in-law got a glance at the vehicle that hit me and it appeared to be a maroon SUV", said Gandy.

The driver's side of the maroon mid-sized SUV was damaged.

The hospital told Gandy his leg was heavily damaged and his leg was broken in four places.

Gandy has to wait until Monday for a specialist to decide, if he will need to have his leg amputated.

"The guy that took off left me in bad shape, if it wasn't for my brother-in-law being there, I’d probably just sat there for a while", said Gandy.

Doctors told Gandy he will be out of work for a while.

He has a wife and one year old baby to take care of and he is asking for "your" help.

"If anyone has seen this maroon SUV driving around with scuffs on the driver's side on the front end, please let somebody know", said Gandy.

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