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Midland Crossing Guards Laid Off; Furious With The Tall City

School is out for the summer, but almost 30 crossing guards in Midland are not kicking back.
MIDLAND, TX (Local Big 2 News) -- School is out for the summer, but almost 30 school crossing guards in Midland are not kicking back. They're furious with the Tall City. They say they're being let go from their jobs, as the city switches companies.

As the stop light changes from red to green, little kids try to get across the street after school.

"Seeing the kids, making sure they're safe, getting angry at the people who drive around on their cell phones and they're not supposed to be," said crossing guard Nancy Young.

Crossing guards like Nancy Young make sure kids at Hillander Elementary stay safe for almost six years, but after an emergency guard meeting all that might change.

"I think it's just outrageous what the city did," said Young.

Young tells me close to thirty crossing guards were let go Thursday morning.

"This was my primary source of money," said Young.

This comes after the city accepted a bid from a company called All City Management Services out of California.

"By law, we are required, when we are going out for a contract, to put out what's called a bid," said Public Information Officer for the City of Midland Sara Higgins.

But the guards worry about not having a local company, one with an office around the corner.

"There are certain kinds of services where an out of state group can perform just as well as an in-state group," said Higgins.

Sara Higgins, the Public Information Officer for the city told me they can go back to the old company if this one doesn't work out.
And the good news for Young and the other crossing guards?

"They have told us that they are sourcing their new employees from current crossing guards," said Higgins.

"I know the kids that cross, I know the parents," said Young.

It looks like Young will be able to keep the special relationships she's made with the kids.
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