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Midland City Council Tackles Variety Of Topics

A new space suit company, a new pro tem Mayor, and a special election were just some of the topics the council tackled at their bi-weekly meeting.
Midland, TX (Big 2 News) - At Tuesday's city council meeting in Midland, the council touched on a variety of topics.

They announced that firefighters will be getting a five percent raise, and police will get a three percent raise.

Other city workers will likely see an increase in their pay as well, according to city officials.

The council also resolved a leasing agreement for a location for the Orbital Outfitters, a company that specializes in space and pressure suits.

The company has worked with NASA, and XCOR.

A new pro tem Mayor was selected to fill in for Mayor Jerry Morales if he's not able to be present.

John Love, representing District two will now act in the absence of Morales.

A special election has been set to fill Morales' now vacant city council seat.

People can file to run in this election starting January 29 until February 28.

The election will be held May 10, with early voting on April 28.

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