Midland Chamber of Commerce Recruits New Members

Midland Chamber of Commerce Recruits New Members

Organizers at the Midland Chamber of Commerce say they've recruited at least 100 new members during their "Fuel the Energy" Campaign.
Midland, TX (Big 2 News) - The Midland Chamber of Commerce is recruiting members.

They're calling it the fuel the Energy Membership Drive.

The recruitment drive is semi annual.

Organizers say by growing the membership base of the chamber, they're able to give a stronger voice to business owners in Midland.

The chamber has only one person on staff to recruit new members but organizers tell us that during membership drives they get a little extra help from volunteers.

"Rather than just one person trying to reach all of these new businesses that have come to Midland, and getting them on board with what the chamber's mission is of really creating a healthy, solid business climate for all of our businesses, we're using these volunteers to spread the word faster." says Nellwyn Barnett, Executive Vice President of Midland Chamber's Public Affairs.

So far, the recruitment has brought in about 100 new members to the chamber.
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